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Autoclave  Autoclave HIRAYAMA HV 50.
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Jual Autoclave Autoclave HIRAYAMA HV 50.

Spesifikasi Autoclave Autoclave HIRAYAMA HV 50.

Hirayama' s top-loading autoclaves are labeled and distributed for research use only.
They are fully automatic, stand-alone, microprocessor-controlled, programmable systems.
All models incorporate a built-in steam generator and plug into a standard 120VAC ( or 220VAC) power outlet,
thereby eliminating costly set-up charges.
Water for steam generation is poured directly into the chamber.
After sterilization, steam is vented automatically into a plastic bottle in front of the autoclave.
Hirayama offers 7 autoclave models to meet the sterilization needs of most biological research laboratories:
• Microprocessor-controlled
• Top-loading design saves space
• Warming cycles for melting sterilized agar or keeping sterilized agar from solidifying
• Temperature recorder option

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